What Language Do They Speak In Taiwan?


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The main language spoken in modern Taiwan is Mandarin Chinese, with Taiwanese and Hakka following behind. Mandarin is regarded as the official modern state language for the Holo ethnic majority in Taiwan, who constitute 80 % of the current population. It is also Romanized into the Latin A-Z alphabet using the Tongyong Pinyin style, and is used in education and mainstream media. The ROC phonetic system is used for teaching this most recent form of Chinese, while other variants on Mandarin Chinese are spoken in different dialects around Taiwan. Taiwanese is seen as a secondary language, but is still widely spoken. The Taiwanese language itself derives from the Min Nan Chinese dialect and also has parallels with the traditional Sino-Tibetan language spoken in Tibet and Burma. The Hakka minority, a Chinese Han sub-group who also reside in the country, accounting for about 10 % of the general population, also speak their own indigenous language, also called Hakka.
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Official Language: Mandarin (Established after KMT lost to the communist and fled to Taiwan around 1949 or so).  Almost everybody can speak Mandarin since it is taught in school, except for older people.  See below.

80% Speak Taiwanese (separate language from Mandarin) in addition to Mandarin.

80% of the older generation (ages 70+) speak Japanese (Taiwan was a Japanese colony from 1895 - 1945 - 50 years.  After WWII Japan was forced to give up Taiwan in 1945).  These older people speak Japanese and Taiwanese.  Many of them cannot speak Mandarin.

2% are aboriginal tribes of Taiwan and they have their own unique language (Think native American indians).  There are officially 9 tribes however, there are some tribes that are petitioning to be recognized.  Their language I believe is polynesian/malay?
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Mandarin or chinese
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Hakka it's kinda like chinese

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