What language do they speak in Argentina?


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Argentina's dominant language is Spanish. It was first introduced to Argentina by Spanish conquerors in the time of Christopher Columbus.

What languages are spoken in Argentina?
Apart from Spanish, approximately 40 other languages are spoken in Argentina:

Spanish, Italian, German and Levantine Arabic are spoken by more than one million people in Argentina.
South Bolivian Quechua, Central Bolivian Quecha, Yiddish, and Mapudungun are spoken by more than 100,000 people.

Welsh is spoken by more than 35,000 people.

Chinese is spoken by at least 30,000 people who immigrated from China, Mocovi is spoken by 4525 people, and Mbya Guarani is spoken by 3000 people.

Pilaga is spoken by 2000 people and Iyo'wujwa Chorote is spoken by 1500 people.

The native American languages are spoken in only a few areas, and by a small number of people. These include Kaiwa, Nivacle, Tapiete, Wichi Lhamtes Nocten and Plautdietsch.

There are also some languages which can be considered endangered, such as Vilela, Puelche, Tehuelche, Selknam etc...

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Argentina's official language is Castellano. Castellano is Spanish, but with an Italian accent. Most people believe that Argentina's official language is just Spanish, and on most websites it says Spanish - but my family is from Argentina, so they should know. Right? Of course, right!

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