Why Might A Student Perform Poorly In A Mathematics Class?


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There are several reasons why a student might give a poor performance in math class!

Lack of Interest It's very difficult to concentrate and engage with something if you're not interested in it!

However, not all the blame should fall on the student - it's important for a teacher to ensure that students are stimulated and engaged by what's being taught.

Mixing things up, trying different activities and being enthusiastic are all things that a teacher can do to engage a class. Also, too much pressure in an academic environment can actually make learning more difficult, so it's important to keep the atmosphere light and as stress-free as possible.

Learning Style There are three main types of learning style: Kinesthetic, visual, and auditory. If the class is being taught in an auditory manner, then students who like to learn by doing (kinesthetic) or by watching (visual) are going to suffer.

A student who doesn't engage with the teaching style is likely to switch off because they're finding it difficult to absorb information.

Poor Understanding
If the student is finding the class difficult, it'll be very difficult for them to perform well. We all know how overwhelming it can be to attempt something we don't understand - and if the student is out of their comfort zone, they might be tempted to just switch off and stop trying.

This despondence might also occur if the teaching quality is poor. If the teacher isn't communicating effectively, then the student won't have a clue what's going on, or what they're supposed to be doing.

It's the teacher's duty to make sure that all students understand the subject matter.

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