Why Students Should Eat Snacks In Class?


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Back in high school. Kids would sneak snacks into class and would eat them while the teacher wasn't looking or out of the room.

My photography teacher had a split class (beginners and advanced) so he would run back and forth between 2 rooms the whole time. Kids would swallow down their chips and pop while he was gone for 10-15 minutes.

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Why do we really need to? I'm a Sophomore this year and have never thought about it xD Occasionally, I will sneak stuff into class ;) haha but it's small stuff like candy or chips. (sometimes beef jerky) I don't have to sneak depending on the teacher. 

At my school, you are allowed to bring energy drinks, pop, water, whatever... Into the classroom. Also at my school, the teachers have to allow you to bring food and drink items into the class during first period and after your lunch period. That wad always fun for me ;P I'd get to bring Mountain Dew to science (the class I had after Lunch A) when normally you couldn't eat in there... :)... I had art first period and the teacher is awesome and doesn't care if you have snacks at any time during the day in his class.

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It keeps the janitor employed sweeping crumbs and scrubbing food off the floor.

It teaches bad eating habits that will keep the weight-loss and snack food industries at full employment far into the future.

It employs the teacher by dealing with food rather than subject matter.

It is possible that it keeps the blood sugar at a high enough level that the students stay awake.
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They should not be able to. They all ready get 2 breaks why have snacks every class. Why more? Also kids wiill just bring junk food

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