Should Ice Cream Be Allowed At Schools? They Took Our Ice Cream Out Last Year And I Want It Back!


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At my school we are allowed ice cream. We walk around the school eating mini-milks! I should think that schools should let students have ice cream and the food they sell at schools is not the whole reason why the rate od obease children is going up. It is down to the parents I say and they are the ones that give them the money to buy this stuff. The amount of obease children at schools these days is ridiculous and parents need to do something about it.
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May'C Bonjovie
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Thanks do much and your answer is now going to be printed and sent to the health administration of henderson you are the best!!!
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BRING BACK ICE CREAM!! They should definitely bring it back! Not for remote reasons, but because it's tasty!!
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May'C Bonjovie
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Lol sense of humor i see? Nice picture it makes me hungry though!! Anyways your answer is now being printed to send to the hisd (henderson independent school district) administration building!!!
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There is a alternative for icecream,it is frozen yogurt and the flavor is just as tasty,perhaps they could serve that in the place of icecream,trust me it is good,because I'm a picky eater and not one that is easy to change from the norm and what I have already become familiar with but frozen yogurt I tip my hat to it and it comes in as many flavors as icecream....hope this helps ask about the switch instead of just taking something away and replace it with nothing......
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You we still have some ice cream but not much and some people are trying to git rid of it...
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The people that are getting rid of it are not nice lol but thanks for the answer and I will most definately send this answer to the his administration building!!!!
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That is not fair, the school isn't 100% at blame for overweight children... It is heredity, the parents, and the lack of self control that is the issue. Maybe they should just make P.E. Longer and give you back ice cream.

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