How Can A Triangle Have Three Right Angles?


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It is not contained in one plane. Such a triangle can be formed on the surface of a sphere, and perhaps in an infinite number of other curved spaces. Consider, for example, the triangle bounded by
 - the Prime Meridian
 - 90o W longitude
 - the equator.

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It can't.  The sum of the angles in a triangle is always 180.  Three right angles would make the sum 270.  It can't even have two right angles.

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Oddman is right.  Most people know only Euclidean geometry.

Watch this video.  No trickery, just non-Euclidean geometry.  Imagine the ball in the video is the planet.
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Try draw a triangle on the ball
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A radius of a circle meets the circumference at a right angle.
If we have another radius at right angles to the first and include the quarter circle of the circumference, we have a triangle with three right angles, albeit with 1 curved side. As the radius of the circle gets larger, the curve of the circumference gets more like a straight line so at infinite radius the triangle exists.
Bit of a problem at infinity because circumference is 2 x Pi x radius so third side would be 1/4 x 2 x Pi x radius or just over 1 1/2 x radius. BUt radius is infinite so this bit can't be longer can it?.

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This is  a trick question because a right angle is 90 degrees so there is no way a triangle can have three right angles. The sum of all the angles of a triangle is always 180 degrees so there is no way you can make that out of three right angles without going over limit.
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a triangle never has 3 right angle 3 Right total comes 270 triangle only carries 180 degree through out the world
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It can't, however there is such thing as a right triangle, which only has one right angle.
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Bo it can't cause 1 right angle is 90 degrees right so if 1 right angle is 90 degrees then three right angles would  be 270 degrees.

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