How To Find The Area Of A Triangle, Given Only Two Angles And One Side?


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If 2 angles and one side are known then one can find the area with the help of following formula

Area = (a^2(SinB x sinC)/(2 SingA)

a = 15 (side)
A = 90 (right angle)
B = 25

So C= 180 - (A+B)
C = 180 - (90+25)
C= 65

Putting the value in formula you will get

Area = ((15)^2 (sin25 x sin65))/ (2sin90)
= (225(0.38))/2(1)
= 85.5/2

Area =42.75>>> answer

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There seems to be some thing missing. It is because that  two sides are needed to find the area. If one angle is given one can find it  in anyway but it can't be done this way.

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