Trying To Find A Degree Of A Triangle Using Trigonometry. Prob 1 A Triangle With Hyp=27 Bottom Leg=13 And Then The Side Leg Is Missing But It Wants To Know The Degree Of The Angle One Angle Is 90 Though And It Wants To Know The Degree Of The Lin?


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Consider a right angle triangle ABC. The hypotenuse AC is equal to 27 and base AB is equal to 13. Then according to Pythagoras theorem;

AC2 = AB2 + BC2

BC2= AC2 - AB2

BC2= 272 - 132

BC2= 729 - 169

BC2= 560

BC= 23.66

Angle B is 90o then angle A and angle C are;

CosA= AB/Ac


A= because-1[13/27]

A= 61.22o

As we know;

A + B + C = 180o

61.2 + 90 + C=180

C= 28.78o
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