Given the following triangle, what is the measure of angle A? Imported Asset 56 degrees 58 degrees 60 degrees 62 degrees


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Given what following triangle?

But no matter, there's a quick and easy way to figure this out. A triangle will always have three angels, each varying in degrees (unless they're equilateral or scalene, but that's besides the point).

All three angles will ALWAYS add up to 180. So I'm assuming that, with this "given triangle", you have the measurements of two angels given to you and you're trying to find the third. Take 180 and subtract the measurements of both angles from it, and you'll have the degrees for the third angle.

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" Imported Asset 56 degrees "

One of the reasons I steered clear of this question 58, 60 and 62 degrees add up to 180, but I do not see what difference that makes. By the way, what does " Imported Asset 56 degrees " mean mathematically?
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Yeah this question was pretty vague. I'm pretty sure the "imported asset" part was a mistake, since there's nothing in math that relates to that. My guess is that anonymous copied the question from somewhere and it mightve had that text on accident and he/she forgot to delete it. I don't know.

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