Triangle ABC Has A Right Angle Which Is Angle ABC And A Line Ifs Formed Called Line Segment ABD.if Line Segment AC Is Perpendicular To Line Segment DB And The Measurement Of Angle CBD=125 Degrees,then The Measurement Of Angle A Equals What?


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Triangle ABC has a right angle which is angle ABC and a line is formed called line segment ABD. Draw this figure in order to solve the problem below.
If line segment AC is perpendicular to line segment CB and the measurement of angle CBD=125 degrees, then the measurement of angle A equals:
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Please refer to the picture. I have drawn triangle ABC with angle ABC (vertex at B) as the right angle. When you say "line called ABD", it means the point D is co-linear with points A and B. Thus, segment AC cannot be perpendicular to BD. Note, too, that angle CBD must be 90°. It cannot have any other value. The problem is stated in a way that does not make sense.

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