How Is Trigonometry Used In Oceanography?


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Trigonometry is used in oceanography for calculating the intensity and height of tides in oceans.

Using trigonometry in ratios, it is possible to determine the distance between yourself and the object so Oceanographers use trigonometry to measure distance.

For example, if the oceanographer was tracking a sea creature and they needed to know how far away they were from the creature, (as far away as possible if you ask me!) they would use trigonometry to find out the distance from them and the creature.

A semidiurnal tide is a body of water,  like the Atlantic Ocean, that has two high tides and two low tides each and every day because tides behave the same way in a given period. An Oceanographer would use trignonometry to plot a graph showing the size of the tide at each time of day - high and low tide

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I agree that trigonometry is used in oceanography for calculating the intensity and height of tides in oceans. But also trigonometry is used in navigation to find the distance of the shore from a point in the sea;  it estimates in what direction to place the compass to get a straight direction. With the help of a compass and trigonometric functions in navigation, it will help to pinpoint a location and also to find distance as well to see the horizon. Trigonometry is used in different areas and its importance as every student of math is expected to know about the application of this branch of mathematics in daily life. So, it's worth paying attention to a website that can help you understand various trigonometric functions and learn how to apply them correctly.

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