How Is Math Used In Construction?


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James Wheeler answered
It is used for figuring centers, diameters, areas, square footage, yards of areas, amounts of materials, tools, people, payment, every aspect of construction requires extensive use of mathematics, from the simplest addition to the most complicated mathematical theories.
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Johnny D answered
Geometry is used daily in figuring out material lists. And doing estimates.. Lets just say its used in almost everything, everyday, all day long. And ive been doin construction for 11+ years
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Sergio Jemas answered

Math is fully applicable to repair. I personally applied my knowledge when building my house, when calculating the square footage of rooms, doorways, and other things. Because it can be that you do not correctly calculate the door or window opening and then you do not fit the door or window that you bought.

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Sophie Carroll answered

You're right, it can happen. It is also very important to cooperate with window replacement companies, which calculate in advance all the parameters of your window opening, so that later there would be no problems with its installation. I have always worked and I advise everyone to cooperate with one company Thwindowsdoors. To find out how much windows replacement cost go to this link You are welcome.

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