How Maths Is Used In Cricket And Basketball?


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What is the use and application of maths in both cricket and baseball?

Mathematics is used extensively in both these sports.

  • The most obvious (and simplest) example of the application of maths in cricket is in counting the team's runs, individual player's runs, and wickets.
  • A batsman's average would involve the application of the mean average.
  • The bowler will also have an average, one which requires maths for its calculation.
  • Working out the run rate, the average runs per over, and various other individual and team statistics all involve a significant degree of mathematics.
  • The most complicated application of maths in cricket is called the Duckworth-Lewis method. This is used to amend a run total if play has been affected by rain.
  • Again, the simplest example of mathematics being used in baseball is in the counting of the number of runs each team or player has scored.
  • A batsman's batting average is commonly calculated. This is done by taking the total number of hits and dividing it by the number of bats.
  • As for pitchers, their earned run average (ERA) is normally calculated. This statistic is used to calculate how many runs a pitcher is leaked on average every nine innings.
  • The sport applies mathematics in many more ways, too!

Both these sports require the extensive application of mathematics.
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Maths is used in cricket to calculate the amount of runs, balls, wickets. It can also be used to measure the length of the pitch so that the players don't have to run too far or too close.
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Count the score!

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