Discuss The Role Of Probability For Solving Problems In Different Fields Of Life?


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Probability means a quantitative measure of uncertainty and a measure of degree of belief in a problem.  For examples
It is very likely to rain today.
I have a fair chance of passing in examination.
Ali will probably win a prize in quiz competition.

Today the Probability theory used to make intelligent decisions in economics, Management, Operation Research, Sociology, Psychology, Astronomy, Physics, Engineering, Genetics where risks and uncertainty are involved to draw a conclusion about the likelihood of events or values.

In Medical field we use probability for example whether a specific disease will spread or not.

In Environmental sciences probability is used in weather forecasting.

In Marketing Probability is used to find whether a specific commodity will take the interest of consumers.

In Biological sciences we guess about the life time of living things. Even in field of computer programming it is used in looping.

Here are given some examples of probability:-

What are the chances that Pakistani Cricket team will win the series?  
What is the probability about stability in Electricity prices in next quarter?
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applications of probablity in different fields

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Probability's is branch of Statistics and statistics itself a branch of help us in decision making in every field of life.with this help .in computing field we making loop and in medical field we inferences that what need of hospital in these areas .probability itself a math.
Statistics refers to a branch of mathematics that deals with collection, analysis, interpretation and presentation of data. It is widely used in all fields of life including social and natural sciences. And it would be very difficult to answer in detail at this forum

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