How Is Math Used In Human Resource?


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Human Resources is not just about controlling a work force and sorting out personale problems if and when they occur; HR should be responsible for analyzing all aspects of personale activity and data and making sure that the company they are working for benefits from their analysis, and that means using math.

Staff absences cost organizations real money, and it is the role of Human Resources to measure what it is costing so that solutions can be put into place to counteract the losses. EPM, the acronym used to describe Employee Performance Management, needs math if it is to be implemented properly.

Human Resources need to use math to define standard productivity. It also needs math to track and use data so workforce information is known and tied in to overall business data so that HR and Finance departments can collude and work towards a common goal instead of discrete ones. It also needs math to perform complex analyses that will give insight in to management initiatives and programs that have a financial impact on the performance of a business.

Human Resources also need to use math so that they can analyze long term financial impacts of any suggested changes within the business and how they may impact on the workforce and on management so that accurate forecasts can be given as to the outcome.

If staff and management skills are analyzed, overall performance, and therefore, production can be increased, which will have a positive effect on all concerned because it is less likely that staff lay-offs will be needed as the business prospers. This does not mean just using a simple head count method and relating it to turnover, but a more complex use of statistics that will give a real outcome.
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