Third Grade Math Question, I'm Terrible At Math.. Can You Help?


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49 + ___ = 78

If I had to fill in the blank, I'd probably do it like this.
49 + 1 makes 50, and 28 more make 78. Since 1 + 28 is 29, the blank gets filled with 29 and the complete sentence is

49 + 29 = 78

A third grader might not jump to 28, but might add by 10s to get 60, 70, and then 8 more to get 78. If one were counting out change, one might count
49 + 1 makes 50, 8 more make 58, and 20 makes 78. The change is 1+8+20 = 29. A certain amount of planning and short-term memory are involved.
Fundamentally, this is algebra. Somehow people forget how to do it from 3rd grade to 7th grade, or they get shaken by the use of a variable instead of a blank. 49+x = 78, x = 78-49 = 29.

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I was also not good at math but my dad was.

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I went to the store and bought 6 shirts, but I need a total of eleven.
You would use this to figure out what you need in a situation
hope this helps!
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I'm sorry but no, it didn't help. I don't see what buying 6 shirts but needed a total of eleven has anything to do with the question. ??????
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Well I looked I up for you, and this is what i got
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What I like to do in this situation is round out one of the numbers so it is an even tens number.  So if you add one to each side of the problem you get 79-50, which is a much more reasonable problem to solve than 78-49.  I hope that helps, click here if you want to see some more helpful math tips.
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You’re doing this just like my younger brother lol, he doesn’t understand that he simply needs 78 - 49 to find out the “x”.  In spite of the fact it’s an elementary algebra, I understand that not all of the people have inclinations to Mathematics and this is not a crime. Happily there are lots of helpful sources in the web with helpful materials, you can find all the necessary printables here .

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Well actually lucky for you I am excellent at math it is my best subject. You can email me anytime with a math question.
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Oh I got one, what does it mean when something is Corresponding when you're talking about using the SSS Postulate in Geometry? I need help on that one...
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Math is also my best subject, we should get together sometime Christinev
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Well. Whatever adds to 49 to get 78 is the answer. So, 49 + 29 = 78, so 29 is the missing addend.
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Well I actually can because when I was in 3rd grade I loved math.So first you Put them like 78-49= then you cross out the 7 and make it a 6 then make the one that you crossed off 10 instead of just 1.Then you have 18 over the 9 and 6 over the 4. After that you subtract 18-9=9 and6-4=2 so then you have 29.
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Ohh tht very easy what you do to get the answer is subtract both of the number so 79 - 49 = 29 so the equation will be 29 + 49 = 79 I love math and I am good at it if you need help just let me no ok bye see you
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If you need help why don't you tutor don't your parents should concern?
Are their negatives because you wrote 78-49
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49 + _____ = 78 The question is asking for a missing addend. Addends are the numbers added together to get an answer. You have to turn your subtraction sentence around to make an addition sentence; therefore using the greatest number as your answer in an addition sentence. You already have one addend (49), you just need to find the missing addend (??) to equal 78. That part I'll let you figure out on your own so you can say you found the answer.
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I will teach you how to do percent of a number                      thank you see you.

Lets start with 70 of 90, now the of means I need to multiply.

First divide 70 by 100 70                    _70___= 0.7                         

second multiply.                        _70__ = 0.7 x 90 =  63                                             

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