I Need A Free Printable Worksheet Dealing With Third Grade Math Front-end Estimation Problems. Can You Help?


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Tim Cook answered

There are many sites offering free printable third grade maths worksheets for free, though not so many deal with estimation problems. 

One site that does is math-aids.com/Estimation, which offers 15 worksheets to download for free.

You can find another 24 free worksheets at education.com/worksheets/third-grade/rounding-estimation, these deal more with rounding numbers up, to help a child make telling the time or adding up in their head a bit easier, when it isn't important to deal with exact numbers.

If those aren't suitable, you can find more third grade level estimation problems at mathblaster.com/.../math-worksheets and mathworksheets4kids.com.

If the kids you teach are anything like these guys, they'll soon be singing about the wonders of estimating numbers!

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