How Do You Convert 2/5 Into A Percent?


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Rixter Wiun answered
I'll give you a formula and you use it any time you need to change a fraction into a percentage, okay?

2/5 x 100/1

you put your fraction first, then times it by 100/1
btw, if you want the answer, its 40%

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Oddman answered
To convert any number to a percent, multiply by 100%.
2/5 = (2/5)*100% = (200/5)% = 40%
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john caleb answered
2/5 = .4

to convert it to % multiply by 100

= .4*100 = 40 %

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wont tell you answered
Well, 2/5 x 100 = 100/5 = 20 x 2 = 40
it is that simple for more tips and info please go to or
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Penny Kay answered
I really suck at math, but I think I can get this one. Find a common denominator, like you have 2/5 the next number they both go into is 10. So  2 fives make ten. Then you have to multiply the 2 by the same 2 like you did with the 5. This will give you 4/10, the four is four of ten, so the percent is 40%, if you add a zero to both numbers 40/100, we know that is 40%. Percents are easier for me, because I worked as a waitress, and we know how much our tip should be according to the service we gave, and the percents.
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2/5 doubled would be 4/10 so this would translate to .04
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Michael John answered
Convert 2/5 to a decimal (0.40), move decimal point two places to the right (40), and you end up with 40%

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