How Do You Change A Decimal Into A Percent?


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First,you can move the decimal point 2 places to the right,example:
1.) 0.55=0   5.   5.
  (1st move) (2nd move)
and will turn to, 055.,then remove the zero(55.), and change the point to percent,which results to, 55%
and that's how to change a decimal to percent,hope that I helped,thanks for reading!!
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You just move the decimal point 2 places to the right [I think] and put a percent sign.

I hope this helps. :]]

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That's right. You multiply by 100%.
Example: 0.1234 = 0.1234*100% = 12.34%
100% = 1. Multiplying by 1 doesn't change a thing. You can also think of "percent" as "per hundred" (/100), so 56% = 56/100 = .56
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Multiply your decimal by 100% to change it to a percent.

.23*100% = 23%
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To change a number into a percentage, multiply the number by 100%.  Then simplify
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I don't know that was what I wanted to know but I looked at some of these answers and they helped thanks for helping us

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