I Took The Wia/ Tabe Testing And Did Not Pass The Math Portion Of The Test, I Do Not Want To Re-take The Test, I Do Not Have Time To Study For A Better Grade,question...will They Still Help Me Find A Job?


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It would be sensible to listen to the advice of the youth worker in your particular case because they will not insist you retake a test for the sake of the test itself but because they think the learning involved would be beneficial. They will no doubt assist you in finding a job anyway but you may be able to get a better job if you can display a higher level of numeracy.
The Workforce Investment Act (WIA) youth programs use TABE, or Tests of Adult Basic Education, to assess basic literacy and numeracy levels in applicants. These tests enable the youth workers to establish skills deficiencies and evaluate the appropriate job or training required for the individual.
The system uses common measures which report literacy and numeracy gains using Educational Functioning Levels (EFLs) and the TABE is one of a few tests that can be translated into EFL.
In this way the test is usually run twice, as a pre-test to determine what needs to be improved and then a post-test, after a recommended minimum of 60 hours of instruction, which demonstrates what gains have been made.
Your youth worker will be trained to use the TABE results in formulating an Individual Service Strategy (ISS) for you, but although it is used as a valuable resource it is certainly not the only piece of information that they will reference. Their important decisions  about you will be made by taking an overview of your needs, character, accomplishments and potential and while the test is a part of that it will not be the be all and end all.
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Yes my friend it sucks badly. I have to re-take the math portion over again on a 9th grade level. They even had the nerve to tell me that I could not use a calculator...BS

On a 9th grade level if it is not simple mathematics...a calculator is required. I use this website to help me with math problems to re-take the test. www.aaamath.com it goes to 8th grade level math. I hope this help. I hope it helps me also.
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You will have to pass test
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This is discrimination ,I have been out of school for 30 years. How can you make somebody pass, when we never had math problems like this.
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Has anybody taken the WIA TABE test recently?I just want to know what other subjects it covered in addition to Math.I'd appreciate any info.
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If a person believes they need testing so as to get trained, (which is not necessarily and education discourse) for some profession they should be given the option of doing the tests (TABE) on their personal computers at home or wherever and whenever without some other human standing over them watching them taking some measure of academic tests. 

That is wrongful distraction and annoyance which interfere with concentration. This type of proctoring from the old days in middle school, will be stressful to any decent adult capable of doing their business by themselves without micro-management. This also is a form of psychological abuse and taking advantage of a person's time and effort. It's not nice at all.

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