How Do I Get Help To Pass The Asvab Test?


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I have taking the asvab test so many time the first time I didn't score high enough but the second time I pass to get in the service that I wanted to get in the second time I score high over the normal score is 31and I made a 38 so I had to go to the MEPS entrance processing station and do a test on the computer I had to prove myself that it was me who tuck the test know body did the test for me but some reason when I want to MEPS I didn't do so well at all on the test and I this tuck the test again nine days ago and it was this a pre test to see how I will do on that before I go back to meps so please tell me how can you help me with my problem and what  I'm going through I have problem studying and focusing the things I need to be focus on doing my free time.
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Don't really think theres a way to help you pass it. ASVAB tests your knowledge, not your ability to study for a test. When I took mine I passed highly on the Decoding and Mechanial science. It's not anything I ever studied for. It's taking what you know and seeing how well you know it. Goodluck!

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