What is the best way to revise for a test in one night? (its not my fault i have such a short time. It is a science test)


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Bob Guch answered
Remake Bullet Point notes of everything you have learnt (that you need to for the test) don't just copy your old notes or textbook.  Make new notes, and make sure you can understand them, put it in your own words. Make sure that your right down only what you understand, and if you don't, look it up then write it down.  By remaking notes it will ensure that you have gone through everything and it will make sure that in the process of writing notes you understand them (as you shouldnt write something down you don't understand), plus during the test it will be easier for your brain to answer to a question because you have written notes on it before and you would remember what you had written in your own words.  That's my method and I sometimes have to do it in one night too. Hope that helps! Now focus :)
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I think its really hard to revise in one night but what you can do is sit in a quite place and revise you will remember many things

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