I Want Cna Practice Test Exam. Can You Help?


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You can get a free CNA practice test from the Prometric website.  If you would like to try more than one practice test for free, you can find a useful list on this community website for a number of different state exams.

To qualify as a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant or Certified Nursing Aide) you need to complete the state CNA exam which consists of a written test comprising a number of multiple choice questions as well as passing a clinical skills test where you are observed undertaking nursing aide tasks.

The testing process is rigorous as you must normally pass both tests in three or fewer attempts and within a certain period of time.  To help candidates reduce their chance of failure you should do CNA practice tests to familiarize yourself with the format and type of question you may get in your real test.

If you are doing CNA training, your college or the person training you should be able to give you advice about practice tests.  Check also on your state department of health or nursing board websites for additional CNA preparation advice and be aware that specific exams and requirements can vary slightly from state to state.

Your local bookshop or online book retailer may sell books to help you prepare which include practice questions.  There is also free, useful information for CNA exam preparation on the Pearson Education website.

If you need help with the practical skills evaluation you can also find useful videos on popular video websites.  Do be aware that these can be posted by anybody, however, so make sure you check them with your training material to ensure the advice they are giving is correct.
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Before taking my CNA exam, I stumbled upon this site:


The practice exam had more than 600 multiple choice questions, which really helped me pass my written test. Now I'm pursuing my LPN at a community college.

Didn't cost that much. Hope this helps.

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