Is There A Free Cna Practice Test For The State Of Florida?


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You can get a free CNA practice test for the state of Florida from the Prometric website.  If you would like to try more than one practice test for free, you may also find it useful to look at generic CNA practice tests and tests for other states although they are not specific to the Florida CNA curriculum.

To qualify as a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant or Certified Nursing Aide) in Florida you must complete the Florida state CNA exam (unless you are transferring from another state with a certificate recognized by the Florida Board of Nursing).  The exam consists of a written test comprising 50 multiple choice questions and a Clinical Skills Evaluation where you are observed undertaking five nursing aide tasks.

The testing process is rigorous as you must normally pass both tests in three or fewer attempts and within two years.  The department of health in Florida helps candidates reduce their chance of failure by providing a CNA Practice Test.

Prometric is a testing organization used in Florida state for the CNA certification exams and they provide a free online CNA Practice Test specific to the state of Florida.  You can get this test and information about the CNA qualification procedure from the Prometric website.

You can also search online for other free practice tests which will include relevant questions for nursing assistants.  However, you should be aware that the actual exams vary from state to state and so you may find not all the questions are relevant to the Florida-specific exam.
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Do we have any practice test for cna state test or any tutorial to pass cna test in fl and what are the passing rate

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