Where Can I Find A Free Cna Math Practice Test?


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Research has shown a a couple of sources you could try:
Like with any exam, the more you practice the better you should do. It is best to take the practice exams as soon as possible; use them to see how much you know and more importantly what you may need to work on and revise. The bigger the gap between your practice exams and the real exam, more time you have to improve with revision.

If you are struggling with any aspect of the test, it is always advised to raise any issues with your course teacher immediately. Although you may feel slightly embarrassed to ask for help, it is certainly worth doing it for the long-term gain.

If you don't wish to talk to your course leader then it may be worth talking to fellow pupils. This way they can share how they are tackling certain questions - which may help you to improve. However there is no fast-track way of passing an exam; you have to put the effort in yourself.

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