How To Calculate The Area Of A Plot With The 4 Sides Different Length And Breath?


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You need to start by drawing a diagonal line between two corners, and that will give you two triangles. Once you have the two triangles, you can find the area of the whole shape by doubling the area of the two triangles. This of course means that you will have to do two simple equations - finding the area of the two triangles.

It's really easy to find the area of a triangle. You first need to multiply the base of the triangle, by the height. You then need to divide it by two to provide you with the whole area of the one triangle. This is bxh/2.

You need to choose any side of the triangle and use that as the base. If the triangle is a right angle triangle, then you can use one of the sides that forms the right angle. You then need to go about measuring the length of the side you have chosen as the base.

Once you've done that you need to measure the length of that base. You need to find the height of the triangle, next. The height isn't necessarily any one of the sides of the triangle. The height of the triangle will always be at a right angle (perpendicular) to the base. So find which side is the base and then measure the line that is at a right angle to it, and this will give you the value of the height.

Then just multiply the value of the base by the value of the height, and take the number that you obtained in your calculations during step five, and then divide that by two. This gives you the whole area of the triangle, and by combining the two areas you will have the area of the whole shape.
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Length 1: 27m
Length 2: 26.09m
Width 1: 66.56m
Width 2: 61.90m
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Four different sides of plot, measurement is 204 foot, 60 foot, 126foot, 110 foot, I want to know who to find area?
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How can I calaulate an area in square feet of a plot having length 1=78feet length 2=68feet width 1=35 feet width 2= 27 fet
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The sides are 22',60'1",55',20' find the area
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Draw a diagonal between any two corner, it will give two triangle. find area of each triangle and add it for total area.
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Additional information is needed, such as the length of a diagonal, the angle at one corner, or that two opposite sides are parallel. Four lengths, by themselves, do not define a specific figure, so do not define a specific area.
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5420 ft East half SE Quarter-section6 Township; 19 SO  RT 21 east

East half NE Quarter Section7 Township; 19 So Rt 21 East

How do you find area of plot?
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A second corn test plot has 400 rows 3 miles long at a spacing of 30 inches.  What is the area of this plot?

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