The Length Of A Rectangle Is Three Times It's Width. The Area Is 432 Square Inches. Can You Find The Dimensions?


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The formula for the area of a rectangle is:
Area of a rectangle= L*W
L signifies Length; and
W signifies Width

From the question we can assume that:
Width= X
And as length is three times the width:
Length= 3X
In the question we are given:
Area= 432 inches 2

To find the dimensions lets start off by plugging in the values in the formula for the area of a rectangle. Hence:
Area = L * W
432 = 3X * X
432= 3X2
Making X the subject of the formula, we shift 3 to the other side by dividing 432 by it. We get:
432/3 = X2
144 = X2
X = 12
As we supposed the Width to be 'X'; the width of the rectangle is 12 inches
To find the length, simply plug in the value of X in the equation we made for the length above. So:
Length = 3X
Length = 3*12
Length = 36
So the length of the rectangle is 36 inches

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