The Perimeter Of The Rectangles Is 230 Inches, The Length Exceeds The Width By 77 Inches. Can You Find The Length And Width?


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P = 2(L+W)    (equation for the perimeter (P) in terms of length (L) and width (W))
L = W+77    (your relation between length and width)

P = 2((W+77)+W) = 2(2W+77)    (substitute the second equation into the first, simplify)
230 = 2(2W+77)    (substitute the value for perimeter)
115 = 2W+77    (divide both sides of the equation by 2)
38 = 2W    (subtract 77 from both sides of the equation)
19 = W    (divide both sides of the equation by 2)

L = (19) + 77 = 96    (use the second equation above to find L from W)

The length is 96 inches, and the width is 19 inches.

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