Want to find out area of quadrilateral plot land i bought the measurment if looking at quadrilaterals top width is 37 feet bottom width is 55 feet and the length that connects these 2 on the left side is 50feet and the other side which is slanting is?


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If the left side angles are right angles, so the plot is the shape of a right trapezoid, the slant length on the right will be 2√706 ft, about 53.14 ft. If this assumption is not correct, you have not provided enough information.
The length is calculated using the Pythagorean theorem. One leg of the triangle is 50 ft (the left side measure), and the other is 18 ft (the difference between the top and bottom lengths).

The area is (37+55)*50/2 = 2300 ft^2.
That's about 0.0528 acres.

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