How Do You Use A Graphic Calculator?


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A graphic calculator pertains to a segment of handheld calculators that are adept enough to solve equations, plot graphs and do a lot of other numerous tasks with the help of variables. Usually graphic calculators are programmable. This means that the user can make a custom-built program to suit his engineering requirements or education applications.  

The graphical calculator is used in helping users in forming mathematical relationships through graphical illustrations. This is different from scientific calculators which display mathematical answers in a numerical format.  You can use feel a sense of prowess using the graphic calculator because you can personally create and manipulate graphs and make a replica of mathematical principles. You can sue the graphic calculator for numeric views (lists and tables), graphical views (charts, function graphs) and symbolic views (algebraic expressions and functions). The website link www.mathbits.comMathBits/TISection/General/BrochureOpen.htm gives you a wealth of information the technique of using a graphic calculator. From knowing about using the keys to using the zoom function and sharing programs, everything is given on this website.

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