How Do You Find The Cube Route On A Calculator?


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You enter in the number you need to find the cube route to ex 500 then you want to find 1/3 of that number which times itself by three would give you the cube route.
Ex: Enter 500^(1/3)=7.9..... The answer.
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  Your calculator has the particular button that has cube root written on it and by pressing that particular button you can get to know the figure that you wanted. But if your calculator doesn't have that particular button I can suggest you the address of a website that is designed to help people to solve al their mathematical problems. The address of the website is following:

  I can suggest you another method also with the use of which you can calculate the cube root of a number. What you can do is to click inv, one of the white check boxes that you can find at the upper-lefty hand corner. The next thing you can do is to click on x ^3. With this process also you can calculate the cube root of x. The x represents the number for which you are calculating the cube root.

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