How Do You Find The Volume Of A Cube?


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A cube is a 3 dimensional figure with six matching square sides. IF "a" is the length of one of its sides, then the volume of the cube is a3=a×a×a. A cube consists of 6 square shaped sides. Assuming that each length of a cube measures 3.2 cms, its volume is 32.768 cubic centimetres.
Volume determines how much space a space structure takes up. Volume is used to calculate a space figure in the same manner as an area is used to measure a plane figure. If the side length of a cube is 8, then the volume of the cube is 512 cubic centimetres.
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You multiply the length times the width times the height. Because it is a cube, they are all the same. If we use e to represent the length of one edge of the cube, the volume is
volume = e3

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