Why Are Kids Not Allowed To Chew Gum In School?


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1) irresponsible students/ stick gum anywhere instead of disposing it in the trash
2) Immaturity/ gum in peoples hair
3) Distraction/ popping during class
4) more work for janitors (cleaning)
5) choking/ health hazard during P.E. Activities
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Have you ever tried to drink from a water fountain wherein somebody has deposited a wad of chewed gum?

Have you ever run your hand under a desk and found wads of used gum stuck there?

Have you ever tried to remove ground-in gum from library carpet?

Have you or the school nurse had to use oil to remove gum from a student's hair?

Have you or the custodian had to remove wads of gum from urinals?

Have you ever tried to remove a wad of gum that has been jammed into a classroom door lock?

So much for why gum is banned in schools.
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Probably because they will stick it on the desks. Lol.
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Kids should be allowed to chew gum
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I chew gum in school
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Mainly because they stick it under desks and other places it shouldnt be. Ofcourse their are schools which allow you to chew gum.
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Because it sticks to everything and kids are so immature and would stick it into peoples hair and onto them
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Mostly because people will chew gum and then put it on the bottom of peoples desks or on the carpet and it gets stuck in it and then its there until the school gets the carpets clean
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Some schools do let you and it actually makes you score better on test because it makes more oxygen go to the brain. Test scores go up about 15-25%

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