What Are The Disadvantages Of Chewing Gum In Class?


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Some Advantages Of Chewing Gum Are...
• rather than eating two chocolate chip cookies you can chew gum
• you can buy mint pieces of gum that makes your breath fresh
• it can relief stress
• it helps you concentrate
• gum helps you focus
• jaw muscles get stronger
• sends signals to your brain and tells you that your more full than you really are so that it can help you loose more weight
• it has some whitening ingredients that make your teeth white for a better smile
• it keeps you distracted from other habits like biting your nails
• it has some ingredients that help your dental care
• prevents dry mouth
• its flavourful

Some Disadvantages Of Chewing Gum Are...
• gum has some ingredients that can cause you to get cavities
• muscle pain inside the mouth
• the sound of someone chewing gum is very annoying
• it loses its flavour too quickly
• it can be found under students desks
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None except getting caught & maybe underneath your desk gets full of wads of gum & you have to find another hiding place Lol!

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