Are Private Schools Better Than State Schools?


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State and Private Schools, sometimes called Public Schools in the U.K, which the name for State Schools in the U.S.A (confused?) offer the same type of education.  However, there are certain inalienable truths, Private schools have better facilities, spend more on each students, have give a higher quality of education.  Students leaving this type of school have higher expectations of what they want to achieve out of life.  The Private School sector can also spend more on the type of extracurricular activities which build the personality of the individual student, whilst allowing them to develop creative or sporting skills.  When the state school student goes home, they stick on the telly, play playstation or something like that.    The private school student is encourage to do more, want more, go more, ask more.    The state school is still an effective education, but it simply cannot give the level of tuition required to match the private school
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For some parents family traditions or the high fees in a private school might dictate them to go to a state school. But for those parents who do have a choice, it is not an easy task to decide. Independent schools are expensive, but so, too, are houses near good state schools. Standards might be higher in independent schools, but a maintained state school could be a better bet for university entrance. And what if your child is a dyslexic?

It all comes down to the individual child. Some schools definitely suit some children better than others. According to Robin Page, a Kent mother, who has used a mixture of prep schools, a maintained school and boarding schools for her four children, declares that, the big plus point of private schools is the way they nurture their pupils. 'Teachers in these schools seem to appreciate the pupils more."

Private schools also have smaller classes, follow a broader curriculum and get excellent results. Eleven-year-olds in prep schools do about 20% better in national tests than the national average. Then there are the good sports, drama and music, not to mention the social advantages - although not all private schools cater well for pupils with special needs, such dyslexia.

But, private schools are expensive. According to the Independent Schools Council, it now costs on average ?8,391 a year for a senior day school and ?18,828 a year for a boarding school, and fees keep rising. On top of this you will need to fund extras such as school trips and music lessons.

But if all of this sounds daunting, remember that it can also be costly and time-consuming to nail down a top state school place for your child. And that isn't the end to the hidden costs of state schooling. You may well find yourself shelling out for extra tuition in one form or another. You will almost certainly need to invest time and money in out-of-school sports.
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I have had experience of both, spending from 11-16 at a private school and 16-18 at a state school. My experience at the state school was significantly better than the one at the private school. The atmosphere in the private school was one of ingratitude with students only working for fear of the teachers and not for their own benefits or future, a lot of the students were unconscious about what money meant and had naive perceptions of the rest of the world. (One student believed that Sweden had no education system...Why, I do not know) . They all relied on their parents. At the state school I found it rewarding and generally pleasing to be with people who realised that by working you get somewhere in life. They were so grateful for everything, eager to learn and bothered about their education- I learnt more in the last two years than in the first 5 as the work ethos was so much better in the latter school. This isn't true of all state and all private schools.
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Private or state, a school that your child is happy at is the most important thing. Comparing schools performance in terms of academic normally shows private schools producing better results, but again this can vary in different areas. If you want your children to get the most out of any school encouragement and support are essential.
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Education wise private schools are good when compared to state schools. But nowadays private schools keep more pressure on students, which is not good.
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I spent one year, my Junior year, in a private school. It changed my entire perception of education and those around me. In the private school it seemed I was more on the same plane with my classmates. I don't recall any bullies and it seemed students were more respectful of the personal property of others, as well as the school's. I don't remember comments such as loser or freak or queer. When I returned in my Senior year (due to the high cost of tuition) the change in me was immediately apparent.
Let me add to this I had a daughter who went to public schools in California. She had serious problems and ADD was considered to be the culprit. Her grades suffered badly as well as her attitude. I found a private school that allowed for monthly payments. Her grade average jumped across the board and she received 1st Honors. She also joined a book club in the same year. She has since graduated from college and married.
That being said, a lot of my problem with the public school system had nothing to do with the quality of the teachers or program. The school was an excellent one and I don't regret what I learned there. The difference seemed to be how everyone viewed each other, and what they valued along with the education. In both 'positive' scenarios let me mention there was also the foundation and recognition of Faith. We were learning to succeed morally as well as academically. Needless to say it had positive effect with new relationships and at home.
All that being said, if I had a second go-around to send a daughter or son to ANY school, I would not just say to him/her to have a good day, stay out of trouble, and 'drop' them off. I would hopefully guide them and their attitudes and be more involved and tell my son/daughter to be a proper example for their own good as well as the good of will be something they will look back at and be proud of.
Hope this helps.
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First of all I would say that the schooling of a child matters a lot in building up of his/her personality.This is because all the parents always remain concious about choosing the school for thier childern's.But in addition to this parents concentration and proper follow-up is also mandatory for brighten up their child future.

As per my openion private schools provides your child more chances for getting a good connection with their studies because they focus on the performance of every singile student. But again the primary resposibility is on your shoulders that how you make the studies of your child a fun for him. For example in this regards you may ask your child That I have a choclate for you but it'll be given to you when you'll finish your home work, or you may say that first finish your homework than I 'll play a good cartoon movie for you.

These things will help you to develop the interest of your child in his/her studies.

Hope this will help you in making some good decisions.
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Hi it depends on many subjects and children as well, by my mind, there are many of graduated students who are from state school. Normally private schools are more strict , they have more homework to do and their important objective is to make students achieve on their study, they have their responsibility than state school as they are not free.
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I go 2 a private school and I really really like it. It is not snobby at all and the people there are really nice. I made friends quickly there and I didnt get called a name once. The academic side is also a lot better so the person who said that private schools are gay should just shut up. Just because they go 2 a state school ;)

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