College Life Is Better Than School Life Is It A Fact Or Not?


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Actually, it depends directly on the nature of a person. There are two types of people those who think that college life is better than school life and those who think that school life is better than college life. I will explain here both types of people with some reasons.
Some people like college life more than school life because they think in college life they feel more independence, they can leave lectures if they are not interested, no one can punish them, no one can force them to attend classes, no teacher can compel them to study etc. I personally feel it is good due to some reasons. I have seen throughout my student life as you cannot compel some one to study and even you cannot do it by force. It is necessary to understand something that you take interest in that. In college life, independence is good to some extent. But it is the duty of parents to look after your children. Parents show interest in studies of their children when they study in school but when they enter in college life they think that now there children are mature enough that they do not need their advices. Parents should think that as child is entered into a new life, he does not know how to tackle with this type of independence. Before this, in school life child was under some restrictions but now in college he is very much independent so he can misuse this.
Some people like school life more than college life. Reason is that in school life they unaware of life politics, they were not responsible to work somewhere and earn money, there was many people to taught them good things, there were some restrictions but due to those restrictions there worked hard and now they at good post.
I don't agree that college life is better than school life its up to a person how does it feel in both circumstances and how he change himself according to different circumstances.
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I personally think that college life is better than school life because in school life I don't feel independent but in college life we feel independent. In college life if we don't want to attend a lecture than there are no restriction to attend lecture but in school life there are many restriction who don't give me any satisfaction of life...
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College life of course.
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Neither lol but with more freedom in college life.
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No, I personally like school life better because at least you don't have to do all the decision making and the only people who like college are the adults and the girls/women
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College by far but then youre paying for those years in so many ways but usually more different than school days at home which are actually easier because of having less worries and responsibilities
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The college life is better because during college days you matured little bit more than your school days. Also there are lots of restrictions during school days and above all there is a punishment if you are not performing well. As in college life there are no such restrictions.
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