What Is The Importance Of Public Relations In An Organisation?


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The Public Relations Society of America defines the importance of public relations as the idea that they "help an organisation and its public adapt mutually to each other”. In this definition, the publics are any group that may be interested in the organisation or its operations, for example employees, consumers, investors, the news media or voters. The news cycle runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year now. With the vast expanse of news networks, magazines, websites and social media, within minutes something that began as an isolated incident can become an international news story. Public relations differs to marketing and advertising as it does execute carefully planned campaigns, rather it monitors and responds to news and public discussion. Public relations also proactively represents business, political and other organisational concerns.

Public relation workers play an important role in crisis management. There are many emergencies that can arise that will directly affect an organisation. These can include competitive issues, actions of activist organisations, health and safety concerns, scandals and accidents. The role of a public relation worker sees them actively looking for sources of potential problems and engaging in contingency planning in case an emergency occurs. Public relation workers need to have the information and a strategy on hand for all circumstances. Public relations also has an important role on proactive messaging. This requires workers to issue press releases and organisational information forward that presents the organisation and its employees in a positive light. This will also include looking for opportunities for the company to engage with the news media and the public. In addition to being prepared to deal with emergencies and working to portray the organisation in a positive way, public relations management can also consult managers and executives on dealing with the press and public speaking engagements. The team will work with marketing and advertising to ensure that the company has a clear image and solid messages.
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Good will created
maintain profit
clear doubts
convince patential customer to your services
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In the corporate world of today, the goodwill of an organization has become one of the paramount assets, which could not be compromised at any cost, no matter how high the monetary stakes are. Generally public relations is often mistaken for publicity, nevertheless the phenomenon has an entire, exclusive and wholesome identity of its own that is meant to protect and enhance the goodwill of an organization.

It is not just a formal campaign that is launched for an ephemeral while but it reflects from every aspect, every dimension that a company deals in, involving all its stakeholders such as the media, the employees, the community groups, shareholders and most importantly customers. But public relations is not just limited to the corporate world. Its importance has been acknowledge on a scale large enough to cover entities of all kinds such as government agencies, corporate giants, trade and professional associations, non-profit organizations, the travel and tourism industry etc.
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It is  the management function which evaluates public attitudes

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