What Are The Statistics On How School Uniforms Reduce Bullying In School?


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We had uniforms at my school one year and it actually increased the bullying. The uniforms the school system provided for us were so out of century, not to mention style, that the kids that were previously getting picked on only got picked on more because they could no longer wear the type of clothes that fit to their body type. Larger girls could no longer wear things that took away from their weight problems, and they probably suffered most of any of them. Poor kids would get taunted daily with things like "Merry Christmas, free clothes!" or, "You're used to wearing the same things daily, we are the ones suffering!". 'We' being the aeropostal and abercrobie look alikes. I was one of the children who had less means than others and did not find the schools decision the least bit to my interest. It hurt my self esteem, creativity, and especially my feelings.

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