Why do they keep using those big school buses ? I only usually see one or two kids on them as everyone seems to drive their kids to school. Seems like a waste to me? Your opinion?


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I'd say they're using what they've got. Probably some contracts to honor. Has school started already?

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I know around here, lots of times the parents drive their children  the first week or so of school and then the buses get fuller later-

but sometimes I do see almost empty buses but I am not sure if it's at the beginning or end of the route.

Also, those buses with a few children may be special education students who can't get to school on their own or parents can't take them.

We had 2 special education sibling students on a bus who just lived a few blocks away from the school because they kept walking into the busy street and almost got killed a few times walking to school.

They're pretty full around here, and many times so full because of the usual budgets cuts, there are 3-4 to a seat and sometimes kids have to sit on laps.

Oklahoma has the lowest budget and teacher pay in the US. It's a mess.

Great question by the way!

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Dear Rooster,

My most recent experience is with the Evaline School District, here in SW Washington...

Their entire fleet consists of one small bus, and it is always full.

Evaline is a two-room schoolhouse. The entire student body numbers 45,  k through 6, about the same size since 1883.

The pressure to consolidate Evaline has been immense, apparently the State or someone gets more money that way. But the quality of education is very high, very wholesome, so parents and the whole community plus the Lions Club have struggled, this time success.

* * *

So, my opinion, I would like to see our schools smaller and then full buses might be just one of the benefits.

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Almost no one uses school buses around here (OC). I only see some people take the public bus part-way and then walk to school, others bike, and most get driven. My parents have always driven me to school. And then when I get my license, I'll drive myself :)

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You might notice them after they've "offloaded" students.  I see many of the yellow school buses filled to capacity.  I would assume they are the best mode of safely transporting students .. In a cost effective, efficient way or I'm sure the would have gotten rid of them decades ago with all the education cuts.  Lots of parents' work schedules don't allow for them to drive their kids to school .. Most kids live quite a distance from school and there just isn't great public transit for areas outside large cities anymore.

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my school whs, in Virginia uses a lot of buses because the students parents in the area work hard jobs and don't have time to drive their kids to school my bus usually has a lot of kids but I guess it depends on your area

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I've always wondered ... Why don't the local "regular" bus system alter it's times, so they can be used as school busses?

That, IMO, would be far more efficient than the school district having busses that are only used 2x a day.

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The topic is covered already with many great answers. I would only add, as you mention one or two kid. Even if there be one kid who lives far from school, or parents are unable to drive their children. Yet the bus is necessary for protecting the rights of that one children/student.

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I imagine its because the bus company is contracted each year to provide transportation .. Whether or not only a few use it or many use it is irrelevant.  It is still an essential service and given the route and number of children registered to utiliize the service, it must be one that would accomodate.

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