Where Can I Find A Walk In GED Center In Brooklyn?


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If you're looking for ways to get your General Equivalency Diploma, or GED, while you're in Brooklyn, you may want to consider contacting the New York State GED Testing Office of the New York State Education Department. This government department is responsible for overseeing all tests that take place in New York State, and they will know exactly where you can find a walk-in GED center in Brooklyn.

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From your question, it's kind of unclear as to whether or not you want to take the test right then and there, or study with a tutor or teacher to get ready for your GED. If you need to ask questions about GED services in Brooklyn, NY, your safest bet is to go to this website and send them an email: These people will absolutely know how to help you find the perfect place to study for your General Equivalency Diploma - they'll also be able to recommend some excellent tutors that might even be able to instruct you in your own home.

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Testing at a legal and certified GED test center is important, so contacting the government is really a very wise idea. If you need help, consider taking to a friend or family member who can assist you in calling or emailing the government and getting the information you need. Once you've contacted this State department, it will be easy to find an authentic test that gives you the GED you need to start a career, or just to feel better about yourself.

Getting a GED is a great step to a brighter, more successful future; many rich, famous and brilliant people have ended up getting their GED's, rather than graduating from high school with the rest of their class- you can do it, too.
New York State General Educational Development (GED) Testing Office w York State

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