How can i fine my ged score online?


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If you've recently took the GED exam, you can check your score online by visiting GED's official website. You can also learn about how well you performed in the GED exam by providing the testing center your email address where they can send your test results online.

  • What is the GED?
GED or General Education Diploma is a special program of the United States Department of Education. It is specifically designed for students who want to graduate from high school sooner. It's also ideal for those who dropped out of high school and have recently decided to earn a high school diploma. Even adults who failed to obtain their high school diploma can also take the test.

GED involves tests on the five key subject areas which are Language Arts including Reading and Writing, Social Studies, Math, and Science. In order to obtain a diploma, examinees must pass these subjects.

You can take the GED examinations at certified testing centers all throughout the United States. However, this test isn't free of charge. The price varies and it depends largely on where you're going to take the test.

Once you've taken the test, you have to wait for your score. You can look up your rating online through:

  • Email - make sure to provide the testing center with your valid email address where they can send you score.
  • Website - you can also check out your score at the official website of the testing center where you took the test

You don't have to wait for long just to know your GED score. It will be emailed directly to you while some testing centers mail it to your residence address. Meanwhile, it's important that you review hard for the GED in order to pass it with flying colors.

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