Can Anyone Give Me An Answers For The F93 Fireguard Exam?


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The F-93 Fireguard examination is a consolidated entrance examination which helps people prepare for the certificates for F-29 fire guards at field construction sites and F-30 fire guards for torch operations. The study material includes the information which has been taken from the Fire Prevention Code and the Fire Prevention Directives of the Bureau of Fire Prevention of the New York Fire Department (which is abbreviated as the NYFD). A person can obtain his certificate of fitness only if he gets 70 per cent of the answers right in the F-93 fireguard examination.

The sample questions include such questions as fire guards are required at which of the following locations?: (a) construction sites, (b) marinas, (c) places of assembly and (d) all of the alternatives are correct. The correct answer is (d). Another sample question is the purpose of conducting fire drills is to: (a) give employees a break for work, (b) practice emergency evacuation procedures, (c) make sure the sprinkler system works and (d) be sure the Fire Department knows where the building is. The correct answer is (b).

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