How To Prepare For Pcs Exam?


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I understand that preparing for your PCS (Provincial Civil Services) exam is a very important thing, so here are my tips for getting into the right frame of mind to pass your test.

  1. Study the history and geography of your state. The exam varies from state to state so each will be different, know your area.
  2. Study hard and put in a lot of hours because the exam is difficult, Obviously they want to employ the very best and I know you can be one of those people.
  3. Even though it is a state exam, you do need to have basic knowledge of your country, and be up to date with news and environmental issues. There may be some global questions too so it makes sense to study a daily national newspaper so that you can be aware of the worldwide news.
  4. There will be general knowledge questions, so study as much as you can on all subjects, buy a book on general knowledge or look on the internet for quizzes that can help you practice.
  5. Know your local language, culture and customs as credit will be given for this
  6. Try to get a copy of last years exam paper so that you have a feel for what you might be asked and the areas you need to study.
  7. If you know someone already in the job, or perhaps a teacher, take guidance from them.
  8. Most of all, do your best, try to relax and good luck!

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