How To Prepare For C.A.T Exam?


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You need to do is to study hard about that subject or you may ask the coverage of your that the part you've being studied is part of your exam...
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Well, there are coaching classes for CAT..join the best one..there are also some tips for it..practice previous year's papers as many as possible..follow the guidelines given by your mentors...which will be helpful for you in the exam..there are other sources also to guide like T.I.M.E. Booklets, Groups on Social Networking Sites, test series of Olive Board, Bullseye & IMS...All The Best..You can do it..Be Positive..Keep enough time for revision..For more details visit

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How to prepare  for cat exams and what type of question are asked in the question paper. Please do reply
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CAT is basically for MBA entrance, if you want to clear CAT and want to take admission in best college then you really have to work hard for this. You have to work on many sections like verbal, quant, logical reasoning , data interpretation. And try to score as much as you can. Many of my friends also appearing for CAT this time. I am going through a website, hope it may help you regarding your study material or any other doubt. You need not to worry about anything as whatever be your problem regarding this entrance I think you may solve your queries here. For more details go through
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