Does anyone have the exam answers to 00711700?


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The answers to the Penn Fosters exam 00711700 can be found by following the following link:

• Penn Foster Career School

The Penn Foster career school is a school located in Scranton, Pennsylvania that specializes in vocational education. The school provides distance education to students of all ages from across the United States of America. It is designed for those who wish to gain qualifications that will allow them to pursue a particular career. Generally, it is those who have not succeeded in gained the necessary academic qualifications that attend the Penn Foster career school.

The school was founded in 1890 by the newspaper journalist Thomas Foster. Is initial aim was to provide education to miners; they undertook courses in correspondence. As it is today, it was a not-for-profit organization. It now provides a wide range of vocational courses that lead to useful qualifications in a number of areas. To date, over 13 million students have gained education at the Penn Foster career school.

• Examinations and breaking the rules

If you are looking for answers to a future exam, you should be very careful. Finding the answers to an exam and then sitting it along with those who do not know the answers is unfair, and of course is classed as cheating. You would likely be disqualified if it was found out you were looking for answers to an exam in advance. Instead, concentrate on studying for the exam and passing it honestly. If you are looking for these answers because you are practicing for your future exam, that's completely fine. Completing past papers is a great way in which to prepare. Remember to learn all the necessary theory as well; past papers will not cover everything you need to know.

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