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There is a slight ambiguity in the phrasing of this question so it will require two brief but concise answers so that your query is answered satisfactorily. The first being the etymology and meaning of the word exam and the second being the movie of that name.

To address the former possibility the word exam is a truncation of ‘examination’ which originates from the late 14th century and comes from the Latin ‘examinationem’ meaning the action of testing or judging of. The modern day usage of exam where the term is used in referring specifically ‘a test of knowledge’ traces its beginnings back to the early 17th century. An exam is generally acknowledged as an assessment of some sort, usually knowledge but also aptitude, fitness, skills or health.

The movie ‘Exam’ is a British movie thriller was released in 2009 and is directed by Stuart Hazeldine, with the screenplay having been written by Stuart Hazeldine and Simon Garrity. It features the actor Jimi Mistry, famous for his roles in East is East and The Guru. The film is based on the play The Grönholm method, which is thought to have inspired a number of films including the 2005 spanish movie El Método and an indian movie, yet to be released called Key.

In a process not to dissimilar to the BBC’s flagship reality TV game show The Apprentice, Exam’s plot follows the progress of eight talented, ambitious interviewees as they attend the final stage of a selection process to join an elite corporation. Their task is to answer just one question but as the examiner leaves the room, they turn over their question papers to find them to be blank, and the question remains, what are they going to have to do to succeed in the process.
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Examination is a test of our skills, it is the test for our knowledge about what we have learnt in the academic year.
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Exam is to help you inpove yourslf in live ,is a course you study for ,then take
I just need help since I fail the exam I have to retake it  ,if I have a second person to study with me and we could corresponse I woulded ask for help .

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