What Is On The F93 Fireguard Exam?


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It’s hard to precisely say what you will find on the exam. This is so that nobody can anticipate what is going to be on the exam, hence forcing them to study all of the material that is provided. You will, however, be asked a number of questions that may be similar to ‘Where are fire guards required?’ You will be provided with multiple choice questions in order to assess your judgment, and this means that qualitative answers will not be required.

The F93 Fireguard exam is an exam that is in place to ensure that people are completely prepared for entering into the F29 fireguard profession. The examination is a consolidated and intense entrance exam that helps people prepare to work on construction sites, and prepare people who want to work as F30 fire guards, working with torch operations. It ensures that people entering the profession are capable of working to a high standard, and remaining safe during their work.

There are numerous things that the exam includes, such as information that has been taken directly from the Fire Prevention Code, as well as the Fire Prevention Directives of the Bureau of Fire Prevention of the New York Fire Department. The study material allows you to prepare for the exam, and obtain the information that you need to help you work to a high standard and within the realms of safety.

If you get 70 per cent of the questions right within the examination, you will be told that you are of the right capability to perform the job that you want to get involved with.
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Construction sites

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