Why exam is important?


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Exam is important because it is the test our self ability that how we can face with problems.
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Exam, hm that is very important part of everyone's life .life is a kind of big exam we have to face.otherwise there are so many exams. In school level sometimes it causes to take a great place in classroom,or sometimes to find out how much we got from what we learned .and also a thing which helps us to find out the strength of our remembering. So this is very important thing . Sometimes this seems like a small and rubbish thing but it does so many than we think it is.the examination is not everything it is just a one part in our life thats all. In our life we have to face well for every single thing that comes through. And let it to be done well .so I think the exam is also must be like that. It is kind of simple thing which measures with how powerful strength and remembrance we are going to face our lives. It is a way to know it by ourselves. So it is very important.
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Exams are 'generally' deemed important because the results can provide an insight into a persons education and ability. Unfortunately, there are variety of reasons why some people fare less well at exams, (e.g. Nerves, illness, missed lessons etc.,), so exam results cannot always be fully relied upon to determine a persons competence or ability.
As an employer, I have always 'tested' applicants regardless of performance at exams.

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