What Is The Date For CAT Exam?


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The date for Common Entrance Test or CAT is announced in late June or early July. The test usually takes place in November. Last year, in 2006, the CAT was held on 19th November. The date is not the same every year, but the test is held around the same time that is in November or December. However, you are required to fill the forms way in advance. The last date of submission of the CAT application form is some time in August. You can obtain the application form from one of the 5 management institutes or from a branch of a State Bank of India. The application form comes with a CAT bulletin which contains other information regarding date of submission, admit card information etc. One person can only purchase one CAT bulletin irrespective to how many IIMs you are applying to. You should attach the bank counterfoil with the form while submitting.

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