Please anyone what are the answers to penn foster exam 025312,025804,025035,025038,025039? I must proof check my exams before the next week or I will miss my deadline.


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Penn Foster exam answers can be found on various websites online. Here's a breakdown of all those sources, to help you find the one that's right for you:

Penn Foster Exam Answers

I am of the opinion that the only website that matters when you're looking for Penn Foster exam answers is this one:

To save you having to go to the website, it's essentially Penn Foster's cheating policy.

It goes something like this:

"We would like to take this opportunity to remind you of Penn Foster’s policy in regards to cheating:


Cheating can be defined as any inappropriate collaborative activity in which the work submitted to the school does not represent the work of the enrolled student. This would include submission of someone else’s work, submission of answers obtained through inappropriate measures, or providing answers to another student. If cheating is suspected, the student will be notified and required to respond in writing to the charges made. The response will go before the Academic Standards Committee for a decision on the student’s enrollment. Disciplinary action can be applied up to and including termination of the student’s enrollment."

Not only are you risking forfeiting your college enrollment, but you also run the risk of being scammed out of your money. A lot of the site saying they have Penn Foster exam results are fakes that are there to trick you into paying a "small fee".
Once they have your card details though, it's game over!

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